How to Get a Home Care License in Florida

You must obtain a Home Care License in Florida to open a Home Care Agency or a Home Healthcare Agency.

If you are looking to start up an agency, Certified Homecare Consulting can help. There is an application fee to provide a Home Care License in Florida. You will need to staff your home care business with the required personnel admin/supervisor, nursing supervisor, and surrogates to meet home care license requirements.

The state will visit your location to perform a home care license examination as part of the home care license process.

How to Get a Home Care License in Florida

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    Opportunities with a Home Care License in Florida

    There is no better time in Florida to open a home care agency due to the number of seniors who want to continue to live in their own homes. The journey of making your home care agency satisfy this extraordinary need for home care in Florida could also be a rewarding business opportunity. To start you may need help through the process of obtaining a home care license in Florida.

    Before Obtaining a Home Care License in Florida

    In the beginning, it’s essential to know the differences between starting a non-medical home care business and a medical home care business in Florida. Medical home care agencies, because as the name suggests require a doctor’s prescription, so care is provided by qualified trained nurses. Florida non-medical home care agencies provide non-medical assistance like escort and special care. In Florida, non-medical home care primarily assists with daily living exercise, dinner planning, cleaning, and transportation. These home care agencies are necessary to keep people safe and independent. Special compensation for third-party compensation sources is that the most common form of payment for non-medical home care in Florida. Certified Homecare Consulting has some of the most experience with home healthcare and residential healthcare licensing processes in Florida, call us today for a free consultation.

    No Home Care Training Needed to Obtain a Home Care License for Florida

    Formal medical training or a clinical foundation isn’t required for obtaining a home care license in Florida, to start out a home care business. Plenty of medical professionals do start their home care business, but having a medical background isn’t a requirement to urge a home care license and starting a rewarding career in-home care.

    There are many requirements in Opening a Home Care Business in Florida

    Initially, starting a home care business in Florida is often very challenging, as registration and licensing are required to run a home care business. A business must define all types of care that they’re going to provide to the community.

    Consider Hiring a Home Care Consultant

    Consider partnering with a home care consultant with experience building a professional home care business in Florida. An experienced counselor can simplify the method, speed up approval for a Florida home care license, and become a medical aid provider through one among the subsequent accreditation bodies:

    • Accreditation of Home Healthcare (ACHC)
    • Community Health Certification Partner (CHAP)
    • The Joint Commission

    When choosing your counselor, confirm he can provide you with all the tools and services to successfully start and run a home care business. This includes paperwork for all the documents required to figure.

    Operation Requirements for Opening a Home Care Business in Florida

    To run a professional home care company in Florida, a home care agency must be registered as a legal operating entity. The primary step is to use a Tax Number and NPI Number. Certified Homecare Consulting will perform all these steps for you, so you do not feel pressured to try and do it all on your own.

    If you would like to bill Medicare for services your agency will provide, you’ll need to be certified. Certified Homecare Consulting guarantees that you will be a Medicare-certified agency. We’ll come to your site and run a mock survey to prepare you for when the important scan arrives, you’ll be fully prepared and pass it on without delay.

    Applying for a Tax ID and EIN Number are Required to Open a Home Care Business in Florida

    To open a professional home care company in Florida, you’ll need to apply for a tax number, Employer Number (EIN), NPI Numbers, and licenses. Certified Homecare Consulting will contact the IRS to request an EIN. The employer also needs a state tax pass, which we’ll get from the Secretary of State’s office upon registration. The state tax pass covers income and business taxes for the business, should it need additional help.

    Leasing or Purchasing an Office in Florida

    Having an office is important for a professional Florida home care business and will be needed. The office features a computer, phone, email system, fax machine, and patient records so people can contact the agency during business hours. To open a professional home care company, you will need to create a bank account, MasterCard, and apply for business loans if needed for Florida Home Care startup costs. The business owner and their employees will spend their time preparing the budget, creating service plans, and preparing for the scheduled visits for the subsequent days and weeks.

    Other Requirements for opening a Skilled Home Health Care Business in Florida

    If your agency offers supply blood sugar measurement services, you’ll need a waiver from CLIA and you’ll need a contract to affect biohazardous waste. Certified Homecare Consulting can assist you to meet these Florida requirements.

    Policy and Procedures are Required to Open a Home Care Business in Florida

    When purchasing the policy and procedures, make sure they’re professionally written and specifically include all Florida and federal requirements. The policy and procedures for a successful home care business must suit the conditions for participation in Medicare and therefore the requirements of the accrediting body. Operational materials like new patient admission packages, personal files, records, forms, in-service education plans, nursing procedures, and committee transcripts also are required.

    Yes, You May Need Help, and We Are Here For You

    It is not recommended to start a home care agency on your own, the reality is that most home care agencies are backed by home care counselors or a home care franchise company. Certified Homecare Consulting will make the Florida home care licensing process easier because we do the work for you. With the assistance of Certified Homecare Consulting, you’ll have “peace of mind” knowing that we’ve been helped over 100+ clients start their own home care agencies. Certified Homecare Consulting is one of the most successful groups of home care consultants in the field.

    Please contact us for more information. 617-477-9594.

    Florida Resources

    The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

    Agency for Health Care Administration

    2727 Mahan Drive

    Tallahassee, FL 32308

    (888) 419-3456

    Home Care Association of Florida

    1363 E Lafayette St, Suite A

    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    Phone (850) 222-8967

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    Accreditation Organizations

    Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC)

    Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

    Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations

    Federal Government

    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

    National Patient Safety Foundation

    Office of Civil Rights

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