How to Apply for an NPI Number

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How to Apply for a National Provider Identifier Number (NPI Number)

The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a requirement for all healthcare provider individuals or organizations for administrative or financial transactions under HIPAA. It is a 10-digit number used by all health programs/plans that never expires or changes. The NPI number doesn’t carry any information about the healthcare provider (state, specialty, etc.). The 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) states that healthcare providers must share their NPI Numbers with other entities (Health plans, clearinghouses) who may need them for billing.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the fastest way to attain NPI is by applying online on their website

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To start the application, you must have an account. Click “create or manage account” to create a user id and password for your account.* You can change the password once every 24 hours, but the User ID can’t be changed. Create one that you plan on staying with. First, if you are an organization you need to fill in the information on the page “Organization profile”.


You need to enter the EIN provided by the IRS and the registered name of your business. You can list any previous names of your business that in the past it went by or any other current business names. Individual health provides must fill in their specialty, license number (if applicable), and classification name on the “Select taxonomy “page.



Put all your relevant numbers like Medicare NSC, Medicare PIN or UPIN, Medicaid state number, and Medicare Certification on the “Other identification Numbers”. You can add up to 50 numbers.



The rest of the process is simple; fill in your address and contact numbers on the “Business Mailing Address” page. If you are applying from a country other than the U.S, in case of unavailability of the province, you can enter the name of the country in the province field. If you have a military address, the country must be U.S. Mark the state AP, AA, or AE and the city should be APO or FPO *, DO NOT ENTER YOUR TIN OR SSN NUMBER IN ANY OF THE ABOVE PAGES.


Before submission, go through everything to check for any mistakes. After submission, go to the processing page to get your tracking number. The tracking number will be used for any type of inquiries about your application. After the successful submission of your

application, you will receive the NPI number within 15 working days via email by In case of any delay, contact them to know the status of your application. 

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