State License Information

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State License Information

There are different requirements and rules for a home health care license in each state. The requirements vary depending on the state you are trying to get the license from. Some states don’t accept the applications without a certificate of need, if it’s not obtainable then they will accept the application with a non-refundable fee. Here at Certified Homecare Consulting, we complete all the paperwork for you. You will get a binder with a complete Home Health Care License application and all the attachments. All you need to do is sign the document and submit the application with the check to cover the state application fee.
The contents required by a state vary greatly, but every state requires three basic things,

+Criminal Background Checks
+Agency Authorization
+Staff is Qualified according to the state rules and regulations,

These requirements require separate forms to be submitted (differ state to state). Therefore, the application could be like a heavy booklet of papers or ranging anywhere from maybe 5 to 7 documents. Still, there’s room for error, if any errors are found in the applications, a letter will be sent back from the state office for edits to be made. If the application is not cleared/unsatisfactory within the provided time (15 to 30 days) then the application will be rejected. If the paperwork is satisfactory, then the application will be moved to the final step, which is inspection. Some states inspect before the issuance of the license, many of them provide the provisional license and then schedule the inspection afterward. In any case, if you are working with Certified Homecare Consulting, you will be ready before the inspection because of the mock survey that we conduct before the submission of your application. We cover all the corners and leave no room for errors because we care about our clients.

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    The Pursuit of Getting the License from the State for Your Home Health Care Firm?

    Certified Homecare Consulting always delivers, you won’t find any unsatisfied clients, because there aren’t any. We will get you the license and accredited. With the permits, registrations, and the license, we completely understand how overwhelming it can be. When it comes to the state license (which is the most difficult part) don’t be  concerned, leave that to us. You won’t be disappointed like the hundreds of our other clients we have helped.

    How to Choose the Best Home Health Care Consultant?

    Your home health care consultant should be experienced, and they should know what they are doing. They should work with you as a part of your business to teach, train, and help to build the manuals necessary to possess as the federal and state law requires.

    Is it Necessary to Get Registered?

    As we all know you cannot run a business without registration. To keep operating the business without any difficulties your business must be registered complying with all state and federal rules. Apart from federal rules, each state has its separate set of regulations and rules for the home health care business agencies. You need to select the entity that best suits your business.

    Required Assistance for Getting the Tax ID and NPI Number to Open a Home Health Care Business

    Getting the National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number and the TAX ID is necessary to operate a Home Health Care Business. You can apply for both on the different websites, or you can trust us to take care of this. Once you are registered, you will get the required information for the State TAX ID, employment tax, and State income taxes for the business. Believe us the process is complicated and you may need assistance handling all of this.

    Arizona Department of Economic SecurityMissouri Department of Social Services
    Public Information Number: 1-602-542-4791Public Information Number: 1-800-735-246 or 1-573-751-4815
    Alaska Department of Health and Social ServicesMississippi Department of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-907-465-3030Public Information Number: 1-800-345-6347
    Alabama Department of Human ResourcesMinnesota Department of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-334-242-1310Public Information Number: 1-651-296-6117
    Arkansas Department of Human Services (ADHS)Montana Dept of Public Health &; Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-351-682-8635Public Information Number: 1-406-444-5622
    California Department of Social ServicesNebraska Health and Human Services System
    Public Information Number: 1-916-455-6951 or 1-916-654-3345Public Information Number: 1-402-471-9433
    Colorado Department of Human ServicesNevada Department of Human Resources
    Public Information Number: 1-303-866-5700Public Information Number: 1-775-687-4000
    ConnecticutNew Hampshire
    Connecticut Department of Social ServicesNew Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-800-824-1358Public Information Number: 1-603-271-4685
    DelawareNew Jersey
    Delaware Department of Health and Social ServicesNew Jersey Department of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-302-577-4352Public Information Number: 1-609-292-5325
    District of ColumbiaNew Mexico
    D.C. Department of Human ServicesNew Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department
    Public Information Number: 1-202-INFO-211 (1-202-463-6211)Public Information Number: 1-355-827-7602
     New Mexico Human Services Department
     Public Information Number: 1-355-827-7735
    FloridaNew York
    Florida Agency for Health Care AdministrationOffice of Children & Family Services
    Public Information Number: (888) 419-3456 
     New York State Department of Health
     Public Information Number: 1-518-474-5422
    GeorgiaNorth Carolina
    Georgia Department of Human ResourcesNorth Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-404-651-6314Public Information Number: 1-919-733-4534
    HawaiiNorth Dakota
    Hawaii Department of Human ServicesNorth Dakota Department of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-808-586-4997Public Information Number: 1-701-328-2310
    Idaho Department of Health and WelfarePennsylvania Department of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-208-334-6558Public Information Number: 1-800-692-7462
    IllinoisRhode Island
    Illinois Department of Human ServicesRhode Island Department of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-217-557-1601Public Information Number: 1-401-462-2121
    IndianaSouth Carolina
    Indiana Family and Social Services AdministrationSC Department of Health & Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-317-233-4690Public Information Number: 1-803-898-2350
    Iowa Department of Human ServicesTennessee Department of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-515-281-3147Public Information Number: 1-615-313-4707
    Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation ServicesTexas Health and Human Services Commission
    Public Information Number: 1-785-296-3271 
    Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family ServicesUtah Department of Health
    Public Information Number: 1-352-564-7042Public Information Number: 1-801-538-6101
     Utah Department of Human Services
     Public Information Number: 1-801-538-4001
    Louisiana Department of Social ServicesVermont Agency of Human Services
    Public Information Number: 1-225-342-7475Public Information Number: 1-802-241-2220
    Maine Department of Health and Human ServicesWashington Department of Social and Health Services
    Public Information Number: 1-207-287-3707Public Information Number: 1-360-902-7800
    MarylandWest Virginia
    Maryland Department of Human ResourcesWest Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
    Public Information Number: 1-800-332-6347 or 1-410-767-7109Public Information: 1-304-558-0684
    Massachusetts Department of Social ServicesWisconsin Dept of Health and Family Services
    Public Information Number: 1-617-748-2000Public Information Number: 1-608-266-9622
    Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services 
    Public Information Number: 1-617-727-7600 
    Michigan Department of Community HealthWyoming Department of Health
    Public Information Number: 1-517-373-3740Public Information Number: 1-307-777-7656
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