How to Get a Home Care License in Texas

You must file for and acquire a home care license in Texas to open a Texas home care agency.

If your dream is to open a Texas home care agency, Certified Homecare Consulting can assist you. Keep in mind when applying for a home care license in Texas, there is an application fee.

You will need to staff in your home care business alongside the specified staff administrator/supervisor, nursing supervisor, and substitutes to qualify for a home care license in Texas. This may seem overwhelming, but with Certified Homecare Consulting we have a ton of experience in teaching you the ways to seek out the proper staffing to assist you to run your business. With our training, you’ll learn all the basics of human resources practices and the ways to manage your business.

As a part of the licensing steps and before you start your house care agency, the state will visit your site to finish the home care licensing exam as a part of the licensing process. This is often something that we have helped thousands of individuals with and that we can assist you to navigate through and answer all your questions.

How to Get a Home Care License in Arizona

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    Opportunities with a Home Care License in Texas

    With the number of seniors needing home care in Texas and across the country, now’s the best time to seize this chance. Starting your own homecare agency to satisfy this unusual Texas home care need is going to be a rewarding business opportunity for you. Keep in mind that you’ll need help getting a home care license in Texas, and Certified Homecare Consulting can help.

    Before Obtaining a Home Care License in Texas...

    It’s essential to know the difference between starting a non-medical home care business and a professional medical home care business in Texas. As the name suggests, qualified medical home care agencies require a doctor’s prescription, and care is provided by trained nurses. Non-medical home care agencies in Texas offer non-medical care like escort and private care. Non-medical home care primarily helps with daily exercise, dinner planning, housekeeping, and transportation. These home care agencies are regularly necessary to keep people safe and happy in their own homes. Special compensation is, unlike third-party compensation sources, the most popular form of payment for non-medical home care in Texas. Certified Homecare Consulting has some of the most experience with home care and residential health care licensing processes in Texas, call us today for a free consultation.

    No Home Care Training Needed to Obtain a Home Care License for Texas

    Formal medical training isn’t required to get a home care license in Texas or to start out a home care business. Many healthcare professionals already start their home care business, but obtaining a medical education isn’t a requirement for obtaining a home care license in Texas and starting a rewarding career in-home care. Certified Homecare Consulting has many sorts of templates that will match your goals and expectations, so don’t be afraid to contact us for a non-binding consultation.

    There are many requirements in opening a Skilled Home Health Care Business in Texas

    Starting a professional home health care business in Texas may be a challenging task, as registration and licensing are required to start a professional home health care business. The business owner must develop an idea for services that the agency will provide to needy patients or elderly people within the community.

    Consider Hiring a Home Health Care Consultant

    Consider partnering alongside a homecare consultant with experience starting a home care business in Texas. An experienced consultant can streamline the process, speed up approval for a home care license in Texas, and become an insurance provider through one among the subsequent accrediting bodies:

    • Home Care Accreditation (ACHC)
    • Community Health Certification Partner (CHAP)
    • The Joint Commission

    When choosing a home care advisor, confirm that they will provide you with all the tools you will need to successfully run a home care business. This includes paperwork for all documents required for the work.

    Operation Requirements for opening a Skilled Home Health Care Business in Texas

    To run a functional home health care company within the state of Texas, the corporate must be registered as a legal operating entity. The primary step is to integrate a talented Texas home health care business. The next step is to apply for a Tax Number and NPI Number. Certified Homecare Consulting will perform all those steps for you!

    If you want to bill Medicare for services your agency will provide, you’ll need to be certified. Certified Homecare Consulting guarantees that you will be a Medicare-certified agency. We will come to your site and run a mock survey so when the important scan arrives, you’ll be fully prepared and pass it on without delay.

    Applying for a Tax ID and EIN number are required to open a Skilled Home Health Care Business in Texas

    To open a home health care business in Texas, you’ll need to apply for a Tax Number, employer number (EIN), NPI numbers, and licenses. Certified Homecare Consulting will contact the IRS to request an Employer number, also referred to as an EIN. The employer also needs a state tax pass, which we will obtain from the Secretary of State’s Office upon registration. The state income tax return covers the income.

    Leasing or Purchasing an Office in Texas

    Owning an office is another thing that a Texas home health care business owner needs to have. The office features a computer, telephone, e-mail system, fax machine, and patient records so sick or elderly people can contact the agency during working hours. The qualified home health care company also will have a business bank account and MasterCard account and apply for business loans as required for start-up costs in Texas. The business owner and his employees will spend their time preparing the budget, creating service plans, and preparing for scheduled visits for subsequent days and weeks ahead.

    Other Requirements for opening a Skilled Home Health Care Business in Texas

    If your agency plans on providing blood sugar monitoring services, you’ll need to obtain a CLIA waiver. You will need a contract to handle the biohazardous waste. Certified Homecare Consulting can assist you to meet these demands.

    Policy and Procedures are required to open a Skilled Home Health Care Business in Texas

    When purchasing policies and procedures, make sure they are professionally written and specifically includes all the Texas, state and federal government requirements. Eligible home health care professional policy and procedures should be included in Medicare participation requirements and accreditation body requirements. Operational documents such as new patient admission records, employee records, journals, forms, continuing education plans, nursing procedures, and committee minutes are also required.

    Yes, You May Need Help, and We Are Here for You

    It is not recommended to start a home care agency on your own. Most home care agencies are supported by home care consultants. Certified Homecare Consulting will make the Texas Home Care licensing process easier because we do the work for you. With the assistance of Certified Homecare Consulting, you’ll have “peace of mind” knowing that we’ve helped 100+ clients start their own healthcare agencies. Certified Homecare Consulting is one of the largest and most successful home care advisory groups within the industry.

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