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Certified Homecare Consulting specializes in licensing requirements and have been helping efficiently start up and guide functional Home Health Care, Home Care, and Hospice Care for nearly 20 years.

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Hiring a Home Health Care Licensing Consultant

Starting a Home Health Care agency requires multiple permits, licensing, and certificate submissions to comply with state and local laws. To overcome all this hassle having a specialized, knowledgeable, and good Home health Care Consultant is more than a blessing. We’re an experienced and leading Home Health Care licensure consulting agency that helps you set up home care businesses nationwide. We simplify preliminary & subsequent license inspection, compile necessary registration applications, and ensure your agency obtains the license effortlessly. As far as the state license is concerned (which is the most difficult part) leave that to us. Certified Homecare Consulting always delivers, you won’t find any unsatisfied clients, because there aren’t any.

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Register to Opening a Home Health Care Agency

As we all know you cannot run a business without registration. To keep operating the business without any difficulties your business must be registered and comply with all the state and federal rules. Apart from federal rules, each state has its separate set of regulations for the Home Health Care Agencies and you may also be required to have local permits. You need to select the entity that best suits your business and get the LLC or Chapter S corporation, whatever suitable.

How to Obtain a State Home Care License for Your Agency.

Obtaining a Home health care license has never been easy before, but with our experience and professional guidance, you don’t need to worry about anything. We will take care of everything and get you the home care license with ease. Whether you are already a home care provider or want to start a home care agency, you are at the right place to get Medicare or private duty accredited. Home Care License is a one-stop solution provider company. We will handle everything for you. By working with us make sure to get you your tax ID, CMS 855A Medicare application, NPI number, and state health care license. We replicate the Medicare recognition audit on your site to make sure everything is ready. We will make you familiar with the Medicare recognition process, plan out the services and complete all the paperwork beforehand.

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    Permits and Licenses Required to Open a Home Health Care Agency

    There are different requirements and rules for a home health care license. The set of requirements vary according to the state you are trying to get the license from. You may need to acquire local permits including business and occupational permits. Some states don’t accept the applications without the certificate of need, if it’s not possible to obtain that, they will accept the application with a non-refundable fee. At Certified Homecare Consultants, we complete all the paperwork for you. You will get a binder with a complete Home Care License application and all the attachments needed for your state. You’ll just need to sign the signatures and we will get you the license and recognition.

    Tax ID and NPI Numbers Required to Open a Home Care Agency

    Getting the National Provider Identifier (NPI) number and the TAX ID is necessary to operate a Home Care Business. You can apply for both on the online, or you can rely on Certified Homecare Consulting to handle and retrieve them for you. Once you are registered, you will get the required information for the State TAX ID, employment tax, and state income taxes for the home care business. You don’t have to do everything alone, let Certified Homecare Consulting help you.

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